All Passware Kit Business and Passware Kit Forensic orders come with a one-year Software Maintenance and Support (SMS) Subscription. New features are being added to Passware Kit on a regular basis with four major releases and multiple minor updates per year. This release cycle has been strictly followed for over 10 years.

SMS Subscription Benefits

  • Always up-to-date with automatic software updates
  • Special offers from Passware partners
  • Four major releases per year
  • Download the software anytime you need
  • Multiple minor updates and bugfixes
  • Save money by renewing early

Passware SMS Subscription

The simplest way to stay current with Passware releases is to renew the SMS subscription. To renew the existing SMS, please login to your account.

Single License Subscription

Single License Subscription Passware Kit Forensic Passware Kit Business
First year Free Free
1-year renewal $497.50 $397.50
3-year renewal $1,390 $995

Ten-Pack License Subscription

Ten-Pack License Subscription Passware Kit Forensic Passware Kit Business
First year Free Free
1-year renewal $4,975 $3,975
3-year renewal $13,900 $9,950
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Upgrade to Passware Kit Forensic

While renewing your SMS subscription, you can also choose to upgrade your Passware Kit Business edition to Passware Kit Forensic in order to get five additional Agents for distributed password recovery, Mobile forensics features, and other advanced decryption capabilities. Please select the upgrade option when you complete the form to include it in your quote.

Passware SMS Subscription FAQ

  • I purchased Passware Kit Forensic last year; can I apply for an SMS subscription?

    Yes. You can renew the original SMS subscription that came with your license of Passware Kit Forensic.

  • How do I extend my existing SMS subscription?

    Please login to your account to renew the SMS, or contact sales with your order ID or subscription email to receive a formal quote.

  • Does the SMS subscription come with new purchases?

    Yes, each license of Passware Kit Business and Passware Kit Forensic comes with a one-year SMS subscription. You will receive a Passware account login along with the software download link and product key.

  • Are there monthly payments available?

    The SMS subscription is normally renewed on an annual basis. Customers who have multiple SMS subscriptions can renew them for a particular number of months in order to co-term their licenses.

  • I have multiple products; can I renew my SMS subscription for each product or for all of them at once?

    Customers can choose which SMS subscriptions to renew or renew them simultaneously. This does not affect the pricing.

  • Am I obliged to renew my SMS without interruption? What happens if my SMS subscription lapses?

    There are no penalties for lapsed subscriptions. You will not be receiving software updates and bugfixes; however, the software will continue to run normally.

  • If I upgrade my license of Passware Kit Business to Passware Kit Forensic, will I lose my Passware Kit Business subscription?

    The Passware Kit Business subscription will be replaced with the Passware Kit Forensic subscription, and it will also be automatically extended for one year.

Have More Questions?

If you have more questions about Passware SMS subscription and its benefits, please contact our sales representative.