Passware Kit Agent

A network distributed password recovery worker for Passware Kit Ultimate, Forensic, and Business editions.

Passware Kit Agent

A network distributed password recovery agent

Passware Kit Ultimate, Forensic, and Business editions distribute password recovery tasks over a network of Windows or Linux computers, as well as Amazon EC2 and Microsoft Azure Cloud Agents, for linear scalability. Each computer running Passware Kit Agent can simultaneously support multiple CPUs and GPUs. The built-in Resource Manager allows forensic examiners to easily configure, manage, and monitor a hardware cluster. Passware Kit includes 5 Agents in the Forensic edition and 10 Agents in the Ultimate edition, with the ability to individually purchase more Agents as needed. All the Agents can be managed remotely directly from the Passware Kit.

Passware Kit Agent is available as a free download. You can download and install as many Agents as you want, but Passware Kit has limitations on the number of Agents that can be connected, depending on the Passware Kit edition.

You can add the number of Passware Kit Agents allowed by your Passware Kit license at any time by purchasing additional agents.

Passware Kit Agent comes with a one-year Software Maintenance and Support (SMS) Subscription. The simplest way to stay current with Passware releases is to renew the SMS subscription. To renew the existing SMS, please login to your account.

EditionAgents Included
Passware Kit Forensic5
Passware Kit Ultimate10
Passware Kit Forensic Lab100
Passware Kit Business0


Runs on Windows and Linux systems.

180+ File Types

Recovers passwords for all file types that require a brute-force attack.

High performance &
GPU acceleration

Features linear performance scalability. Uses multiple-core CPUs and GPUs efficiently to speed up the password recovery process.


Remote control over the network Agents directly from the PKF: assignment, connection settings, hardware usage, etc. Detailed reports and logging.


Comes with an automatic one-year Software Maintenance and Support (SMS) Subscription.

All attacks

Supports any combination of Dictionary, Brute-force, Xieve, Mask, Known Password/Part, and Previous Passwords, and other types of attacks and modifiers.

Passware Kit Agent

What’s included:

  • 1 year SMS SubscriptionOne year of software updates and support.Included

Special Offers / Add-ons: