Passware Kit Forensic .NET SDK

Easy integration of Passware Kit Forensic features into third-party applications.

Passware Kit Forensic .NET SDK

Software Maintenance and Support (SMS)

Protect your Passware investment by ensuring you have constant access to technical support and the latest product enhancements.

Renewing your Software Maintenance and Support (SMS) makes certain you have the latest Passware Kit features – we issue four major releases and multiple minor updates each year.

  • Always up to date with automatic software updates
  • Four major releases per year
  • Multiple minor updates and bug fixes
  • Download the software anytime you need
  • Additional dictionaries
  • Save money by renewing early

Passware Kit Forensic .NET SDK comes with a one-year SMS subscription

New features are added to Passware Kit on a regular basis: four major releases plus multiple minor updates each year. This release cycle has been strictly followed for over 10 years. Stay current by renewing your subscription.

Single License SubscriptionPassware Kit Forensic .NET SDK
First YearFree
1-year SMS renewal$1,300
3-year SMS renewal$3,125