Passware Kit Forensic .NET SDK allows easy integration of Passware Kit Forensic features into third-party applications.

Scans computers for encrypted evidence

Detects all the encrypted files & hard disc images, reports encryption type and decryption complexity

Recovers passwords for 250+ file types

Including MS Office, PDF, Zip & RAR, Quickbooks, FileMaker, Lotus Notes, and many other popular applications

64-bit version

Improved performance while processing thousands of files simultaneously and larger dictionary files

Hardware Acceleration

Accelerated password recovery with multiple computers, NVIDIA & AMD GPUs, Tableau Password Recovery and TACC, and Rainbow Tables

Batch processing

Runs password recovery for groups of files without manual intervention

Mobile Forensics

Recovers Passwords for Apple iPhone/iPad and Android backups, as well as Android images.

Trusted by Forensic Investigators around the world

Passware Kit Forensic .NET SDK Passware Kit Forensic
File Types 250+ 280+
Mobile Forensics
Full Disk Encryption
Distributed Password Recovery
Process multiple files in batches
Portable version
SMS subscription