Passware Kit Forensic .NET SDK

Easy integration of Passware Kit Forensic features into third-party applications.

Passware Kit Forensic .NET SDK

Passware Kit Forensic .NET SDK

Passware decryption technology is used by the leading Forensic vendors worldwide: Magnet Forensics, Nuix, OpenText, Cellebrite, and others. An additional license of Passware Kit Forensic is required for each computer running the software that uses the SDK.

Scans computers for encrypted evidence

Detects all the encrypted files & hard disk images, reports encryption type, and decryption complexity.

Recovers passwords for 260+ file types

Including MS Office, PDF, Zip & RAR, QuickBooks, FileMaker, Lotus Notes, and many other popular applications.


Improved performance while processing thousands of files simultaneously and uses larger dictionary files.


Accelerated password recovery with multiple computers, NVIDIA & AMD GPUs, and Rainbow Tables.


Runs password recovery for groups of files without manual intervention.

of FDE

Decrypts or recovers passwords for APFS, Apple DMG, BitLocker, Dell, FileVault2, LUKS, McAfee, PGP, Symantec, TrueCrypt, and VeraCrypt disk images.

Trusted by Forensic investigators around the world

Passware Kit
Forensic .NET SDK
Passware Kit
File types supported260+360+
Mobile forensicsNot supportedSupported
FDE decryptionSupportedSupported
Distributed Password RecoverySupportedSupported
Processes multiple files in batch modeSupportedSupported
SMS subscriptionSupportedSupported
.NET APISupportedNot supported