Passware Encryption Analyzer

Fast detection of encrypted files.

Passware Encryption Analyzer

Detect all encrypted items on a computer within an hour

Passware Encryption Analyzer is a free tool that scans a system to detect protected or encrypted documents, archives, and other types of files. This application provides detailed information about any protected items found, including protection methods and encryption types.

Detection of
encrypted files

Find all the encrypted or password protected documents, archives, and other files.

Detection of
encrypted containers

Find hard disk images and containers, such as TrueCrypt, BitLocker, and others.


Get detailed information on encryption strength and password recovery options for each file.

Fast and intelligent system scan

A full system scan takes less than an hour. Encryption Analyzer processes over 5,000 files per minute.

Sort files
by encryption

Sort the list of password-protected files by their decryption complexity.


Completely free of charge, with no limitations or add-ons.

Upgrade to Passware Kit Standard

For each item detected by Passware Encryption Analyzer, the next step is password recovery or decryption using Passware Kit. Get a complete encryption discovery and decryption solution by upgrading to Passware Kit.

Passware Kit Standard

Passware Kit Standard is an easy-to-use tool that recovers passwords for MS Office files, Windows and email accounts, archives, PDF documents, and other file types.

  • Password recovery for over 80 popular file types
  • Hardware acceleration
  • Instant results for many types of passwords
  • Windows password reset
  • Easy to use
Upgrade to Passware Kit Standard