Passware Kit accelerates password recovery with distributed and cloud computing.

Passware Kit Business and Passware Kit Forensic use the computing power of multiple computers to achieve the highest performance.

Features of Distributed Password Recovery

  • Passware Kit Agents support both Windows and Linux platforms, 32 and 64 bit
  • Recovers passwords for 40+ file types that require a Brute-force attack
  • Has linear performance scalability
  • Uses multiple-core CPUs and nVidia GPUs efficiently to speed up the password recovery process
  • Uses Tableau TACC hardware accelerators to speed up the password recovery process by up to 25 times
  • Each computer running Passware Kit Agent supports multiple CPUs, GPUs, and TACC accelerators simultaneously
  • Uses Dictionary, Brute-force, Xieve, Known Password/Part, Previous Passwords attacks and any combination of them
  • Uses Amazon Compute Cloud to accelerate MS Office 2007-2013 password recovery by up to 20 times without your having to buy expensive hardware (watch the video guide)
  • Excel Key
  • Excel Key
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License Policy

Distributed Password Recovery is enabled in Passware Kit Forensic and Passware Kit Business. To use Distributed Password Recovery, Passware Kit Agents should be installed on multiple computers.

Passware Kit Agent is available for download for free. You can download and install as many Agents as you want, but Passware Kit has limitations on the number of Agents that can be connected, depending on the Passware Kit edition or package type.

  • Passware Kit Forensic initially allows 5 Passware Kit Agents to connect.
  • Passware Kit Enterprise initially allows 0 Passware Kit Agents to connect.
View step-by-step instructions on using Distributed Password Recovery.