Passware Kit Forensic Lab is a complete encrypted evidence discovery and password cracking package for a forensic laboratory.

Live Memory analysis

Extracts encryption keys for APFS, FileVault2, TrueCrypt, VeraCrypt, BitLocker, logins for Windows & Mac accounts from memory images & hibernation files. Passware Bootable Memory Imager acquires memory of Windows, Linux, and Mac computers.


Passware Kit acquires backups and data from cloud services: Apple iCloud and iCloud Drive, MS OneDrive, and Dropbox.

Mobile forensics

Recovers passwords for Apple iPhone/iPad and Android backups as well as Android images and extracts data from images on Windows phones.

Intelligent detection

Detects all encrypted files & hard disk images, reports encryption type and decryption complexity.

Distributed Password Recovery

Accelerate password recovery by distributing decryption tasks between multiple computers running Passware Kit Agents, in the local network, over the internet, or in the cloud.


Run a portable Passware Kit Agent from a bootable Linux USB drive.

Trusted by Forensic Investigators around the world

Passware Kit Forensic Lab Passware Kit Forensic
File Types 300+ 300+
SMS subscription 3 years 1 year
Passware Kit Agents 105 5