Passware Asterisk Key

Instant recovery of passwords hidden behind asterisks.

Passware Asterisk Key
NOTE: Passware Asterisk Key is a legacy product, which is no longer supported. If it does not work for your passwords, please try a free demo version of Passware Kit Basic.

Key Product Features

Reveals hidden passwords

Reveals a password in a dialog box or web page if it is displayed as asterisks.

Instant password recovery

Displays all found passwords instantly.

Full support for multilingual passwords

Reveals passwords regardless of their strength.

to use

See the hidden passwords with just one click.


Does not require installation, just download and run.

of charge

Completely free of charge, with no limitations or add-ons.

Passware Kit Basic

Passware Kit Basic is an easy-to-use tool that recovers Word documents, Windows passwords, passwords for MS Excel and Word documents, Windows Administrators, email accounts, and websites.

  • 50+ file types
  • Hardware acceleration
  • Instantly recovers or resets many types of passwords
  • Windows password reset
  • Advanced recovery attacks
  • Easy to setup and use
Learn more and download a free demo

Our password recovery tools have been used in high profile investigations for more than 20 years. Now available for public use!

  • Department of Justice
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Lahav 433
  • Nasa
  • Deloitte